Sunday, February 23, 2014

New nephew in da House

Alhamdulillah new nephew born on 21st February 2014 (Friday).

That day I ask my boss permission to allow me go back home early because my sister will operate and I want to accompany my mother. Alhamdulillah he allow me to go back home earlier. But something happen that make me feel guilt. My sis entrance operate theater at 12++. My brother-in-law have to go to mosquito to perform Friday prayer. While waiting my sis name be called, my mum want to go to toilet, while forget that my sis name will be called, I follow my mum to check whether she can found toilet. After check my mum go to the right place, I observation place around and go back place that I need to wait my sis be calling. Suddenly after name of one patient be called, I just remember I have to wait. I have sixth sense that my sis name have been called but I inknown that feeling.

At 4++ pm my brother-in-law ask at counter why my sis name not been call until that time. Suddenly she said my sis already at ward. 

So, that day I learn when I have to go somewhere while I need to wait to listen something, I need to check at counter after I finished the things that I need to do. Staff at counter said, normally labor by operate takes maximum 1hour and half.


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How to make sushi

Today I want to share with you how I make my first time sushi.

First I went to TESCO to search rice that use to make sushi but I not found it as I remember. The next day I went to IOI Mall Puchong to buy the sushi starter. Then I search the rice for make sushi, but sadly i not found that rice for make sushi that contains 1kg. 

This is sushi starter that I buy at AEON, it contains 1 sushi bamboo mat, 1 bottle sushi seasoning, 1 bottle sushi ketchup and 1 pack seaweed that contains 10 pieces of seaweed.

After that I take crab filet, japanese cucumber and carrot and went to counter to make payment. The next day, I went to Tesco again to search SUMO rice 1kg and after searching for 2 minutes I found it want I as the Tesco Crew.

1. Wash 2 cups of rice and cook it with 3 cups of water.
2. After rice is cooked put sushi seasoning.
3. Mixing the rice and sushi seasoning until rice is cooled.
4. Take bamboo mat put seaweed, rice, crab filet, japanese cucumber and carrot. Then roll it. 



Today I want to give advice to all students that make loan PTPTN to finance their study. It's been three year since I need to repay the loan PTPTN. Every month I will make sure that I make repayment. Otherwise the loan will increase. I have apply for ujrah to decrease the loan that I have to repayment and Alhamdullillah I succefully in ujrah loan now.

To brother and sister that continue their study with loan PTPTN please use that loan properly and study smart so that you can get first class and you never ever have to repay that loan. How I wish I really genius to get first class degree but I only can get second class upper. How I wish I really genius and confident to get job that suitable with my degree and loan that I need to repay. How luckily my friends that get JPA scholarships. Well they deserve it.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Registered mobile number to use i-akaun for KWSP

I have learn this new things...
After all this time I want to check the epf statement, but I can't because I forgot my used id and password of i-akaun. I can't go to EPF Kiosk or Counter because I don't have the time and transport. I  finally achieved to check the EPF statement last week.

Before this I thought I could register a mobile number for the i-akaun at
EPF Kiosk or Counter only. Apparently it can be done by calling the EPF call centre at  03-89226000 from Monday to Friday, 8.00 am to 6.00 pm. The operator will ask some questions to make authenticate.

We need to register mobile number so that they can send TAC
(Transaction Authorisation Code).

TAC (Transaction Authorisation Code) will be used for certain transactions in i-Akaun to ensure data security.
An example is when members or employers forgot their User IDs or Passwords. The TAC will be sent via short message service (SMS) when they use the Forgot User ID / Password function.

After the registered of mobile numbers go to the following link to get user id and password.

Change the limit on bank cash withdrawals

Today I learn new things which is we can change the limit on bank cash withdrawals using ATM machine.

This morning I went to TESCO to withdraw money. I enter more that 1 thousand ringgit to withdraw, suddenly error message appear. YOUR LIMIT WITHDRAW PER DAY IS RM1,00000. 

When I at office I google about this. Then I found the solution.

Cash withdrawal limit through the machine is limited by the types of different banks, for example CIMBbank limit of normal is 3000, while Maybank was normal cash limit is RM1000.
but for users who want amount to higher cash withdrawal limit can be changed to a larger amount.

Here I want to share the solution, how to change the cash limit is made through ATM machines.
STEP 1 : Enter your bank card into an ATM machine
STEP 2 : Choose of language do you want to use
STEP 3 : Enter your PIN
STEP 4 : Select other services
STEP 5 : Select button withdrawal limit change
STEP 6 : Choose the new limit of cash withdrawal
STEP 7 : Enter the identification number for verification. 

After the completion of the process, now you can make cash withdrawals with a higher limit.
good luck..

Monday, February 17, 2014

How to Sign-up for CIMB Clicks

How to sign-up for CIMB Clicks:

Yesterday, I heard my brother-in-law want to register CIMB Clicks for his sister but he don't know. So, I have google to help him. Alhamdulillah, i have successfully help him. So I want to spread this knowledge. You also can view demo on CIMB Clicks website on how to register CIMB Clicks.

First, you need to register your mobile phone number.

STEP 1: Go to the nearest ATM CIMB.
STEP 2: Insert your atm card and password as usual.
STEP 3: Select Others on the menu.
STEP 4: Select CIMB Clicks.
STEP 5: Key in the mobile phone number that you want the Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) to be sent to for CIMB Clicks transaction.
STEP 6: You’ll see the confirmation of acceptance for your mobile phone number.
STEP 7: Now you are done register your mobile phone number.

Second, you need to register at the CIMB Clicks website.

STEP 1 : Go to
STEP 2 : Click Online Registration.
STEP 3 : Click Register Now.
STEP 4 : Key in your ATM/Debit/Credit Card Number.
STEP 5 : Key in your ATM pin.
STEP 6 : Type in word you see in the image for security purposes.
STEP 7 : Click Agree & Continue.
STEP 8 : In the next page you need to key in :
  1. CIMB Clicks Used ID
  2. CIMB Clicks Password
  3. Re-enter CIMB Clicks Password
  4. Mother’s Maiden Name
  5. Email Address
  6. Security Question (Secure Word)
STEP 9 : Go to page Login and login with User ID that you have create.
STEP 10 : Click "Proceed to Homepage".
STEP 11 : You need to complete your login by providing three security  questions and fill in the answers.

CONGRATULATIONS!You have completed the registration and initial login process. You can now enjoy the convenience of CIMB Clicks.